Counselling, Psychological Therapies, Phobias, and Wellness Service

​​Dearalva - Counselling, Phobias, and Wellness Service

Email Address: [email protected] / Dearalva - Head Office Number 0161 670 6701


  1. Great Sessions. I was lacking the emotional support and confidence in my life. It has helped me massively. I now look after myself physically and mentally.
    A. Davidson
  2. I find that the dearalva service, has greatly benefited my life and mental heath. The therapist was a good listener and I felt I could talk about anything to him.
    P. Christian
  3. At first I was overwhelmed with my anxiety and had lost who I was. However, Nine weeks later felt more positive about the future.
    J. Fields
  4. This process has helped me to sleep a lot better. Which has led to me steering my life in the right direction.
    J. Johnson
  5. Very good therapist, this service has helped me to become more confident and also this things through before making a decision.
    M. Jones
  6. This service has been really helpful in addressing everything, I needed. I feel that I have enough tools in my toolbox to handle difficult situation. l have removed my label and finding time for me.
    H. Wilson